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Pie Tokendrop for the Binance Smart Chain Community

Pie Token is free tokendrop for all crypto community, especially for users of Binance Smart Chain, we believe that in Binance Smart Chain network is the best choice for the future of our project

Useful Tutorial 
How to Claim Free Pie Tokens using MetaMask
How to Claim Pie on MetaMask

The first step, you have to do is have a wallet using Metamask.

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How to Claim Free Pie Tokens using MyEtherWallet
How to claim pie on MyEtherWallet

The first step, you have to do, go to MyEtherWallet.

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How to Claim Free Pie Tokens using Trust Wallet
how to claim pie on Trust wallet

The first step, you have to do is to have a TrustWallet wallet.

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How to Claim Free Pie Tokens using SafePal

The first step you have to do is download the Safepal wallet application here

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We came early to take the attention of the existing community on the Binance Smart Chain network

We believe that the network at BNB will be used by many crypto communities in the future due to cheaper and faster transaction fees.

  • Pie Token Will Provide Rewards For Those Top 250 Holders

  • Everyone can participate to claim free tokens from our Tokendrop events via smart contracts
  • Only Limit Every 1 Wallet Address To Claim Pie Tokens

"Why should people use Pie token ?"

At this time the crypto community being crowded like token with staking and farming systems.

We use a different distribution system where every binance smart chain user can do mining or what is called Pie token claims on our smart contracts to increase the number of tokens in circulation.

Free for Community

Claiming our tokens is the same as mining our tokens, the more people who claim our tokens will print the number of tokens that will circulate according to the total supply of around 21 million tokens.

  • 18,000,000 Pie tokens will be distributed via our smart contracts across the binance smart chain community.
  • 1,312,000 Pie tokens will be distributed to our top 250 token holders.
  • 188,000 Pie tokens will be distributed for airdrop, bounty and other marketing.
  • 1,000,000 Pie tokens will be distributed for DEX or CEX exchanges.
  • 500,000 Pie tokens for future development.

How many Pie tokens can each wallet address generate?

Keep in mind that each wallet address can only claim once and no more.

Our initial distribution of 30 Pie tokens for one wallet to 0 Pie tokens for each wallet will eventually run out until it reaches a final supply of 21 million Pie tokens.

The more people who claim Pie tokens, the number of Pie tokens that are obtained will continue to decrease to 0 Pie tokens, this is the same as the block reward in bitcoin mining.

Top Holders Distribution Details

More Details


PancakeSwap ( New Contract )
PancakeSwap ( EFPIE )
PancakeSwap ( Old Contract )
PancakeSwap ( FFPIE )
PancakeSwap ( BFPIE )
PancakeSwap ( SFPIE )
Get FFPie, SFPie, BFPie, and EFPie Free Tokens from Pie Network
Stake your FFPIE, BFPIE, SFPIE and EFPIE to earn Pie tokens